Conversation with Étienne Bréton, Anaël Pigeat, Sylvie Patry, Christian Alandete

On the occasion of Eugène Carrière’s first exhibition at Mennour from October 17 to December 3, 2022, a conversation took place on November 24, 2022 at the gallery, bringing together four specialists in the life and work of Eugène Carrière.

00:00 Introduction by Kamel Mennour
03:58 Introduction by Christian Alandete
14:17 Intervention by Sylvie Patry
25:31 Intervention by Étienne Bréton
42:03 Intervention by Anaël Pigeat

© Succession Eugène Carrière, 2022
Video. Archives Mennour
Courtesy Succession Eugène Carrière and Mennour, Paris

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