Mennour is an art gallery founded in Paris in 1999. Through its exhibitions, its projects developed in partnership with cultural institutions, its presence in major international art fairs, and its network of collaborators throughout the world, the gallery is present from Asia to the Americas, and from Africa to the Middle East. Today, it is one of the key actors in contemporary art and the art market.

Mennour represents about forty living artists and artistic estates, from among the most significant in the field of modern and contemporary art, including Daniel Buren, Alicja Kwade, Ugo Rondinone, Camille Henrot, Lee Ufan, Anish Kapoor, Ann Veronica Janssens, Bertrand Lavier, Zineb Sedira, Douglas Gordon, Mohamed Bourouissa, Huang Yong Ping, Jean Degottex, Judit Reigl, François Morellet… to some of the most promising, such as Ymane Chabi-Gara and Dhewadi Hadjab for instance.

The energy that Mennour pours into the promotion of its artists is motivated by a vision of bringing different generations of artists and different periods of art history together in order to permanently reevaluate what contemporaneity is in art.

To do this, the gallery’s team includes experts in the modern and contemporary fields, and in the art market, as well as a research and conservation team.

Mennour is also a publishing house. Under its imprint, many books, essays, and catalogues have contributed to its vision and to art historical research and have fostered the dissemination and sharing of contemporary art with a wider public.

In September 2023, the gallery launched the Mennour Institute. This new entity is actively involved in education, philanthropy, and research into 20th and 21st century art history.

Through doctoral grants, educational programmes and philanthropic activities, the Mennour Institute enriches, develops, and extends the influence of projects previously ran by Mennour, that have been instrumental in making contemporary art more accessible to people of all ages.

Examples of these initiatives include: the ‘Mennour Family’ visitors’ programme, or the philanthropic project HEROES for Imagine, which aims to raise money for the Imagine Institute, a leading centre in the world for research, care, and teaching in genetic illnesses. Over the years, the HEROES for Imagine initiative has already raised more than twenty-two million euros.

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