Listen to Emma-Charlotte Gobry-Laurencin, curator of “Préliminaire”, presenting Mennour gallery’s fifth exhibition of the work of Gina Pane (Biarritz, 1939 – Paris, 1990) which focuses on the pictorial and graphic investigations she undertook in the period running from her student years at the Beaux-Arts de Paris (1961-1964) up until 1969-1970.

Solo exhibition
Curated by Emma-Charlotte Gobry-Laurencin
Mennour, 47 rue Saint-André-des-Arts, Paris
24 March – 27 May 2023

© Gina Pane, Adagp, Paris, 2023
Photo. Archives Mennour
Video. Archives Mennour
Courtesy Anne Marchand and Mennour, Paris

Music: Hara Noda / Some / courtesy of

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