Art Basel Unlimited 2023

Art Basel Unlimited 2023 - © Mennour

Dreams Have No Titles was created by Zineb Sedira for the French Pavilion exhibition during the 59th Biennale di Venezia (2022). The film addresses a major turning point in the history of cultural, intellectual, and avant-garde production in France, Italy, and Algeria in the wake of the Algerian independence. Sedira blends autobiographical narrative, archives, fiction, and documentary to shed light on international solidarities related to liberation struggles. The artist replicated film sets within the pavilion and restaged iconic scenes in an act of transformative appropriation. Projected in a vintage cinema theater, Dreams Have No titles is a ‘film about films’, a story about friendship, and a love letter to cinema.
The film was produced by the French Institute in collaboration with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture.

Zineb Sedira
Dreams Have No Titles, 2022
Color video, 16 mm and digital film, 23’ 49’’, looped projection
Edition 4 of 5, with 3AP
(Inv n°ZS310)

12 — 18 June 2023
Booth U32, Art Basel Unlimited, Messe Basel
Basel, Switzerland


Art Basel Unlimited 2023 - © Mennour

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