Art Basel Unlimited 2023

Art Basel Unlimited 2023 - © Mennour

Pier and Ocean is an enclosed space within which the soft pulsating light of a neon tube composition recreates the movement of the sea. François Morellet invited Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata to create a wooden jetty leading the viewer into the installation. In 2014, Morellet said: ‘For over half a century, the works that have served as my models and which always give me great pleasure when I see one, are the works from the series Pier and Ocean, which Mondrian painted in 1914.’

François Morellet & Tadashi Kawamata
Pier and Ocean, 2014
François Morellet: Installation of argon blue neon tubes; 150 cm each
Tadashi Kawamata: Wooden pier; variable dimensions
Edition 3/3

12 — 18 June 2023
Booth U6, Art Basel Unlimited, Messe Basel
Basel, Switzerland


Art Basel Unlimited 2023 - © Mennour

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