Art Basel Conversations 2023

Shifting Mindsets: Welcoming Parenthood in the Art World

Art Basel Conversations 2023 - © Mennour

Andrea Büttner, artist, Berlin
Camille Henrot, artist, Berlin and New York City
Basim Magdy, artist, Basel
Moderator: Emily Butler, Conversations Curator, Art Basel

In the past, being a parent was considered incompatible with being a successful artist. Is today’s art world more supportive of parents? This panel reflects on the complex and enriching transition to parenthood, and whether it can, in fact, offer a conceptual and productive shift in an artist’s work. Artists Andrea Büttner, Camille Henrot, and Basim Magdy also discuss what institutions and galleries can do to embrace this change and contribute to the paradigm shift that is still needed to nurture greater acceptance and support.

14 June 2023
Art Basel Conversations, Messe Basel
Basel, Switzerland


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