From Home


To stay connected during this time, we have worked on ways to extend our program and bring it to you online. As many of us have to stay at home at the moment, it is a good time to question our relationship with the most intimate place in our daily lives: home.
Let’s have a look at how artists have tackled this concept and try to understand each room of the domestic space and the objects that compose them. Artists frequently use domestic tools and appliances as props or ready-mades in their practice. Some also invent new ways of defining intimacy and comfort, making home both a place, a feeling, and a great think tank for artists. Their work poetically portrays the emotional gaze we have on our most familiar environment. This first Online Viewing Room offers a contextual presentation of 25 works by the gallery’s artists. Please enjoy walking through it from the comfort of your couch!

3 — 20 April 2020
Viewing room
From Home - © Mennour
From Home - © Mennour
From Home - © Mennour

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